4 of Swords - Yes or No? - ⚜️ Cardarium ⚜️ (2024)

The Four of Swords is the card telling you to take a break before continuing your journey through life. You are being pulled towards rest and recuperation. The Four of Swords is encouraging you to remember that with periods of meditation, life can feel balanced. A NO message is given here, in the hope that you can recharge.

Upright Four of Swords – Yes or No?

4 of Swords - Yes or No? - ⚜️ Cardarium ⚜️ (1)

The Four of Swords is your calling for peace. Your energetic self may not feel as if you need it, but I assure you, we cannot keep going and going. It is not without consequence to run yourself into the ground, no matter how fine you may think you are. Three swords of emotion are hovering over your mind and body. They are facing you and at a moments notice, could pierce you. Once they do, it will be harder to rise from exhaustion. Take note of the lone sword below you, mirroring what you should be doing; laying down. Make that your focus.

Do you see the colourful image in the background? It is so warm and inviting. Vibrant and full of life. That could be you after a little time for yourself. How lovely would that be? If you have been going through a torturous time of late, and any decisions that need to be made, can be done after you have cleared your mind and body of recent stresses. The Four of Swords is a most likely YES card, from the perspective of encouragement of rest. However, if drawn with other swords, or the Tower card, you could be looking at a more negative outlook.

Four of Swords Reversed – Yes or No?

4 of Swords - Yes or No? - ⚜️ Cardarium ⚜️ (2)

The Four of Swords in reverse will likely appear if you did not take heed to resting whilst you had the chance. You are now closer to exhaustion than when you first heard, and ignored, those alarm bells, calling for peace and quiet. You had the opportunity to take stock, but you kept going because in your heart, you thought you were doing right by yourself. The body can only take too much before it says,’I demand you stop before I reach breaking point.’

When life gets this much of a slog, and the Four of Swords appears, that is your strong indication that your focus of attention should be internalized. You are now the priority. You cannot achieve it all at once, Rome was not built in one day. Take a nap, learn to meditate for 10 minutes a day but please, whatever you do, pause and breathe. In reverse, the Four of Cups is generally a gentle and loving NO, especially during a waning moon phase, when our time should be spent unblocking those energy points in our bodies.

Four of Swords Meaning For Love – Yes or No?

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One moment you are walking on a grassy hill together, admiring the sunset. Suddenly out of nowhere, life throw sadness or loss your way and it pierces the both of you in ways you could not prepare for. What happens now? You are going to put yourselves back together in ways only the individual knows how. Does that mean you cannot find each other on the other side? No. The Four of Swords is instead asking you to pull away from your current situations, and take stock of any hard times you have recently been through.

Like the Great Knights of Avalon past, where men are outnumbered and stress is high – retreat. Clear your mind and take stock of what you have endured. It has not been an easy path, but your faith carries you far and in this instance, it is carrying you towards a place of self care and inner strength. Love blossoms, like a flower watered and enriched with sunlight. Be your own sun, and allow the rest to water you until you begin to grow once more. As negative as this card appears, I like to nod in favour of it being a YES CARD. This is not without work and the help of other enriching cards, namely in the suit of Cups, to help and guide you further into fruition.

Four of Swords Reversed Meaning For Love – Yes or No?

4 of Swords - Yes or No? - ⚜️ Cardarium ⚜️ (4)

When in reverse, the Four of Swords usually indicates stagnant times. Love that has once ignited the night skies with fiery passion, has now simmered down to a barely there warmth. Are you taking action to add some fire to the flame? Are you feeling alone in your battle to renew the spark? The Four of Swords is calling to you take a break from the norm and find yourselves once more.

The Four of Swords calls to you to recognise any frustration that has come with this stagnation. Naturally it is possible for a situation of love or commitment to have an element of focus shifted to it, in order for it to become alive again. Ask yourself where your soul has wondered? Has your partners soul got lost too? Lost souls make me feel so sad. You need a stronger approach to rekindle what has been mislaid. But I believe you have the potential to see it through. In reverse, it is a hopeful YES – ensuring you both want the same thing.

Four of Swords Meaning For Advice – Yes or No?

4 of Swords - Yes or No? - ⚜️ Cardarium ⚜️ (5)

The Four of Swords has its own solution within it. Initially, this may not seem clear, but the more you think about your current problem, the clearer your mind will become. This card also calls for you to recognise your own responsibility. How were you in a situation, and did your own behaviour serve you well? What could this mean for you moving forward? If you continue to make those same mistakes, you will never evolve and learn.

The solution is within you, and well within your grasp. The time has come where you need to accept what has happened, and secure a deeper connection. This may mean actually doing something to fix a problem. If this is the case, you will more than prove yourself. A promising YES card, but proceed carefully.

Four of Swords Reversed Meaning For Advice – Yes or No?

4 of Swords - Yes or No? - ⚜️ Cardarium ⚜️ (6)

The Four of Swords in reverse is a powerful card to pull. You have before you, a period where your life could totally alter. You are taking action, but not the sort of action where you will gain even less energy. You have worked hard lately and you know this period of rest is going to give you a new zest for life. Whatever you are wanting to gain clarity from, the chances are you will succeed as you move forward.

If you have been sensing that climb of ate, one that has had you in bed by 9pm and sleeping all night, you are about to exit this phase. All that sleep and relaxation has paid off. This card brings most likely the great news of a YES – but be warned. Never assume that you will not need more regular periods of rest in order for you to maintain your energy levels.

Four of Swords Financial Prospects – Yes or No?

4 of Swords - Yes or No? - ⚜️ Cardarium ⚜️ (7)

It is possible to get lost easily. How did you get here? Why did nobody warn me how stressful it would be? When it comes to career, the path afore you is filled with light. If only this huge boulder wasn’t in the middle of it. There isn’t room to squeeze around it, is there? The trouble is, you have been stood staring at this boulder for some time now and you are still non the wiser. You only know you are tired from trying to push it unsuccessfully out of the way.

You needn’t push it at all. If you look to your left or right, you will see another path. This path is your destiny, a new job, a new opportunity that you have been ignoring because you have been under so much pressure to keep moving on your same path. The time has come to dare take another direction, without it being the scary unknown that you think it is. A likely YES but be careful of how you tread and what your heart is telling you.

Four of Swords Health – Yes or No?

The Four of Swords has appeared to tell you to take note of your health, in particular your mind. When we have too much bubbling away on the stove, it becomes difficult to tell what needs switching off first. This card is advising you to switch everything off, and await the moment the bubbles fade and the air becomes silent. Doesn’t that feel lovely? Hearing nothing at all can initially seem daunting, but in order to sort through those tiresome thoughts, you require serenity.

After the time needed, you will begin to feel your strength return, as your blood pumps around your recharged body and you prepare for the next phase in your life. You can now recognise when you need a time out and can carry that vital tool afore you if you ever need it again. You have found healthy ways to cope, be it yoga, reading or meditation. Your mind feels clearer after this spell of rest. This is a most like YES card, provided that you are not met with further cards of pain.

Four of Swords Interpretation In A Practical Reading – Yes or No?

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How does the Four of Swords allow its meaning to manifest within a reading? The most direst questions I have been asked, where this glorious and caring card has shown itself, are here.

“I find that I compare myself constantly to others. It is draining me. How can I achieve inner peace?”

Comparison is the thief of joy, and no good can come from admiring the lives of others, especially when we know not all their moments. Nobody is perfect, but if all we see is this side of the coin, we find it draining to take stock of our own lives and wonder how we got it so wrong. Learning to switch off social media, and turn off the news, will help you heal. Don’t hurt your own health as a result of assuming the grass on the other side is greener than your own.

“My husband and I keep fighting. We find any small thing to argue about and it is really getting me down. How can I make it stop?”

This arguing of sorts has been getting you down for some time, and understandably so. Your husband and you have been through difficult times and are now both used to this new, unsettling ay of life. This does not mean that you have to settle here permanently. Stepping back and taking stock of the situation with offer you the clarity you need in order to see where you are going wrong, and how you can become a more positive pairing for the future.

“I’m returning to my job after maternity leave and I am feeling really nervous about what to expect and what has changed. How will this play out?”

You are heading to a place of familiarity. You know the job and you know it well. Your life has been about nursery rhymes and night feeds and you may feel out of touch, but the rest and time away has given you a new lease of life and you are ready and feeling confident to get back to work. The only thing that is holding you back is that niggling feeling that you won’t be able to cope. Rest assured, you’ve got this!

4 of Swords - Yes or No? - ⚜️ Cardarium ⚜️ (9)

Lady Avalon of The Night

Majesty of the Rivers and Mists

I am Lady Avalon of The Night
A blessed being in disguise
My hair flows freely in the breeze
My guidance helps you feel at ease.

    4 of Swords - Yes or No? - ⚜️ Cardarium ⚜️ (2024)
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