America's Most Wanted Recipes Ser.: America's Most Wanted Recipes : Delicious Recipes from Your Family's Favorite Restaurants by Ron Douglas (2009, Trade Paperback) for sale online | eBay (2024)

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America's Most Wanted Recipes Ser.: America's Most Wanted Recipes : Delicious Recipes from Your Family's Favorite Restaurants by Ron Douglas (2009, Trade Paperback) for sale online | eBay (1)

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  • Ron Douglas reveals the secret recipes from America's restaurants--The Cheesecake Factory(tm), The Olive Garden(tm), P.F. Chang's(tm), Red Lobster(tm), and many more--and shows readers how to make them at home for a fraction of the price. The average American family eats out three or more times per week, which translates into hundreds of dollars spent on food each month. In these hard economic times, families simply can't afford to keep paying these high prices. And Ron Douglas has spent the past five years of his life ensuring that we won't have to. With the help of a test kitchen and more than 45,000 tasters, he uncovered the carefully guarded recipes of the most popular meals at restaurants across the country. With his easy-to-follow steps, families can now enjoy the meals they love most at a price they can actually afford. KFC's Famous Fried Chicken, Chili's Southwest Chicken Chili, Olive Garden's Breadsticks, and Cheesecake Factory's Oreo Cheesecake are just a few of the many famous and delicious recipes included. And because each recipe has been tested by Ron's incredible network of tens of thousands of testers, they are indistinguishable from the originals. These best-kept secrets can save you thousands of dollars a year and will put delicious meals on the table that the whole family will enjoy.

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    America's Most Wanted Recipes : Delicious Recipes from Your Family's Favorite Restaurants

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    Ron Douglas

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    Trade Paperback

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    Food, Lodging & Transportation / Restaurants, Methods / Quick & Easy, Industries / Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, Regional & Ethnic / American / General, Methods / Low Budget

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    America's Most Wanted Recipes Ser.

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30 product ratings

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Most relevant reviews

  • 5 out of 5 stars

    by tlee.corpApr 20, 2016

    Top favorable review

    Packed with famous recipes for those who would like to make them instead of buy them...

    I bought this book mainly because I love KFC but thye cost of buying it has become outrageous, not to mention the once great quality of the product has been compromised by workers who could care less about ality. Now I can make it myself. I know this is not the exact recipe but when you prepare and it it, your taste buds wouldn't know it.The bonus is this book is packed with plenty of name brand recipes. For the DIY cook this is a must have. You can make what you love without all the things that aren't so good for you added in.Than there is the added bonus of impressing all your friends and family when you tell them you made it yourself.

    Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: Pre-owned

  • 3 out of 5 stars

    by seadog29Oct 20, 2015

    Top critical review

    Not bad but don't pay full price

    There are a lot of recipes in here but only about 7 or 8 that I would actually make. I think if more "everyday" type recipes from famous restaurants were included the book would be a lot better......I can't see why some of the recipes in here were every considered as "Americas most wanted"

    Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: Pre-owned

  • 5 out of 5 stars

    by GN0pxIQ3Sye@Del...Oct 04, 2010

    Somethings for everyone's taste

    I bought this recipe book after borrowing it from the library. It had so many great sounding recipes I thought I'd use the book alot. Have already made 3 or 4 dishes that have come out terrific and most of the recipes have ingredients that you already have on hand, nothing that would cause you to have to go to a specialty store for. Also liked the tips & suggestions from the author on each recipe. This recipe book is definitely a keeper...

  • 5 out of 5 stars

    by lynncarolinagir...Aug 16, 2009

    America's Most Wanted Recipes by Ron Douglas

    I have really thoroughly enjoyed this book and have tried many of the recipes already. It is written clearly and easily and is quite simple to understand. One of my family favorites is the Cheddar Biscuits from the Red Lobster. I think I may have created a "monster" with those. I have enjoyed just perusing the book to see just exactly how the pros do it and find it interesting to see what ingredients are used by the pros. Overall, I am very glad I was able to purchase this book.charlestongirl

  • 5 out of 5 stars

    by loreeceAug 06, 2010

    Great Recipes!

    This is a fun cook book to use for cooking the popular recipes of our favorite restaurants. The recipes are easy and I have not had to run to the store to buy expensive ingredients to use in the recipes. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to replicate popular dishes from restaurants.

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America's Most Wanted Recipes Ser.: America's Most Wanted Recipes : Delicious Recipes from Your Family's Favorite Restaurants by Ron Douglas (2009, Trade Paperback) for sale online | eBay (2024)
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