Financial Aid & Scholarship FAQs (2024)

What are the eligibility and renewal criteria for my scholarships?

For scholarship awardsmade by the Student Financial Aid Office, Admissions Office, and Honors College the renewal and eligibility criteria are available on your FlashLine account. Please follow the directions below to review the details.For scholarships awarded by Colleges and other departments, please contact the appropriate office for more information.

  • Login to your FlashLine Account
  • Select Student
  • Under Finances, choose Financial Aid
  • Select Financial Aid Awards
  • Select Aid for Award Year
  • Choose the current Award Year from the drop-down menu and click the Submit button
  • Click on the Award Overview tab
  • Click on the name of each scholarship and carefully read the Eligibility and Renewal Criteria for that award

Do I have to submit a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to be considered for scholarships?

Newly admitted students do not have submit a FAFSA to be considered for the Academic Achievement Award, President’s Achievement Award, Oscar Ritchie Memorial Scholarship, Founders Scholarship, Honors Distinction Award, or incoming transfer student scholarships.These scholarships are strictly merit based.

If a scholarship program indicates that “demonstrating financial need” is required, then the student must have a FAFSA on file for the academic year to be considered for that award. The FAFSA allows the Student Financial Aid Office to determine whether the student is demonstrating financial need.

How do I accept my scholarships?

View step-by-step instructions on how to accept your Kent State scholarships.

Accepting a scholarship does not commit you to attending Kent State University, but we ask that you only accept your scholarship if you are planning to attend. Accepting a scholarship will not eliminate you from consideration for additional scholarship awards.

How will I receive my scholarship award?

All Kent State University scholarships (except for a limited number of scholarships awarded specifically for research or conference travel) will be applied to your student account for the semester. Scholarships will show as credit on your student account, but the actual funds will not be released any sooner than 10 days before your classes start. You cannot receive the scholarship funds early. If you owe a balance for any reason on your student account, your scholarship will be applied to that outstanding balance. If you do not owe a balance for that semester, the scholarship will be issued to you as a financial aid refund for that semester.

Will my other financial aid be revised if I receive a scholarship?

The addition of a scholarship, from any source, could result in the revision of your other financial aid awards. The most common revision is a reduction in a Federal Parent PLUS Loan, a private alternation loan, or the reduction/cancellation of student’s federal Direct Loans. This typically happens only when the student is receiving a very large amount of financial aid that already equals their Cost of Attendance budget. Based on a student’s FAFSA results, the student’s Federal Direct Subsidized Loan may have to be reduced or cancelled. Whenever possible, that funding is replaced with a Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan.

Scholarship awards that can only to be applied to certain expenses, such as tuition, may have to be reduced if the student’s total scholarships exceed that expense.

If I did not meet the renewal criteria in order to receive my scholarships next year, is there anything I can do?

Students who did not meet their scholarship renewalcriteria for the awards listed below canrequest an appeal if they have extenuating circ*mstances.

  • Academic AchievementAward
  • President's Achievement Award
  • Oscar Richie Memorial Scholarship
  • Trustee Scholarship
  • Founders Scholarship
  • University Award
  • President's Scholarship
  • President's Award
  • Academic Transfer Award
  • President's Transfer Award
  • Transfer2Kent Scholarship
  • Flash Transfer Northeast OhioScholarship

Extenuating circ*mstances include illness, death in family, family crisis, etc. The appeal must includesupporting documentation. Students cannot request a scholarship appeal form until after they have been notified that the scholarship was cancelled for the upcoming year or semester.

Can I request an extra semester of my scholarship because I will be here for a 9th semester?

Yes, but you must submit a Scholarship Appeal Form to request the additional semester.

I am graduating early – can I double up on my scholarship in my last semester?

No, your Kent State scholarship cannot be increased from the original offer amount per semester. For example, an $1,000 annual scholarship will be awarded $500 per semester. You cannot receive all $1,000 in one semester.

Can I receive my scholarship if I register for regional campus courses?

You will not be eligible for your Kent Campus scholarship if you register for regional campus courses unless you are also enrolled for a minimum of 12 credit hours in Kent Campus designated courses that same semester.

I only need 2 courses this semester to graduate and I have one semester of scholarship eligibility remaining. Am I eligible for my Kent Campus scholarship?

You may appeal to use your scholarship, for less than full-time enrollment, if it is your last semester of enrollment prior to graduation. View scholarship appeal forms. Please note, your scholarship may be prorated if you are not enrolled full-time.

Financial Aid & Scholarship FAQs (2024)
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