Sheet-Pan Tofu and Brussels Sprouts With Hoisin-Tahini Sauce Recipe (2024)



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Great starting point. Two suggested enhancements:1. Rev up the flavor of the tofu if you have time for a quick marinade before roasting. Press it dry for 30 minutes; then marinate 30 - 60 minutes in diluted soy sauce, several drizzles of roasted sesame oil and a bit of maple syrup. Huge difference in flavor2. Jazz up the sauce with grated ginger, 1 T fresh lime juice and 1 T tamarind concentrate. Maybe a smidgen of red curry paste. Yumm!


This is a lot of tofu per serving. If one includes another protein in the meal, one block of tofu would be sufficient. I prefer to roast Brussels sprouts without salt and add it later if needed. It's amazing how often no salt is needed, especially when there is a sauce.


Halved this to fit on one sheet pan--feed two generously for dinner with one leftover lunch. Sauce was amazing with a little grated ginger and rice wine vinegar to cut down on the sweetness!


Really liked this! We had it over brown rice and with a little added chili crisp, it was perfect and so simple. We halved it for two adults and did it on one cookie sheet. Yummy sauce!


I paid (very) scant attention to the instructions on the prep and bake for tofu and sprouts. I roasted in the sheetpan until the tofu looked golden. Mixed up the sauce haphazardly. Curious but with low expectations. I am NOT vegan... or vegetarian. I thought this was great. And easy. Entirely satisfied.


I emptied both my bottle of hoisin sauce and tahini and made the sauce w garlic. I cooked a small serving of the tofu and Brussels sprouts and put them both in the air fryer. Then in a small skillet I put cut scallion, grated ginger and garlic and toasted peanuts and sautéed them. I put water on for soba noodles. When it all was done, I added all in a bowl and drizzled some sauce.Ummm good!


Made it as written except we cut the tofu and sprouts amounts in half, 1 block of tofu and 1 pound of sprouts fit perfectly on one sheet pan. Great recipe, delicious, simple dinner! Cranky aside: what is with the complaints of blandness?? Everything doesn’t need to be buried under chili crisp, ginger, rice vinegar, double garlic, chili paste, what have you! I enjoyed the tasty sauce that still allowed us to taste the tofu and sprouts.

Karyn in Berkeley

Two of my favorite ingredients… now my new favorite sauce! Wanted to try this recipe immediately… had broccoli! So good!


I was planning to make Ali Slagle's excellent gnocchi with Brussels sprouts, but happened upon this recipe. Holy moly, it's good (and lower in carbs and cholesterol). I didn't have garlic (I know, I know), so used 1/4 garlic powder instead. Worked beautifully.

Erin CC

We made this according to the recipe, and it was very good! The sauce is very nice, a little sweet, salty and creamy. Nice change from the typical peanut sauce. I would change a couple things next time--- I would cut the tofu into medium size cubes, as the 1/4" planks were a bit dried out. Add some red pepper flakes to the sauce, and we needed more water to thin the sauce to a pourable consistency. Update to 1 package of tofu, and 1.5 lbs brussels.


Honestly, the sauce could make an old tennis shoe taste good

Pizza Quixote

Hoisin is great stuff, but I'm going to swap in oyster sauce, because I always have it on hand


I love the elements, but the sauce needs something. It's very one dimensional. Some soy sauce? It needs a kick of some kind. Maybe chili crisp like another commenter mentioned. But otherwise a nice easy meal. We halved it to serve two so we only needed one sheet pan.


This was a very tasty recipe! I was cooking for 2 so only made 1 package of tofu & about 1 pound of sprouts and served over brown rice noodles. The sauce is really nice. After tasting it I did tweak it with about 1/2 teaspoon of Sriracha and about a teaspoon of oyster sauce. A squeeze of fresh lime over the entire plate really gave it the brightness it needed. Very enjoyable and I'll make it again!


Sauce is delicious, but it doesn't stand up to the Brussels sprouts.


One package of tofu. Cut into cubes instead of slices. Double the sauce recipe. Maybe add soy sauce (1/2 the amount of the other sauce ingredients).


I am pretty sure that tofu is not meant to be cooked crispy. Everytime I tried to make it crispy (either in pan or oven) it was pretty horrible. Just getting dry and hard, no increase in taste. Compare that to the wonder that happens to simple things like potatoes when made crsipy …

Laura K

Simple roasted brussels and tofu, and the sauce is easy and yummy. Was good night-of with hot food served with rice, also enjoyed dipping the tofu cubes in the sauce as a cold lunch the next day. I took one commenter’s suggestion and fried up a diced shallot, a handful of chopped peanuts, a minced clove of garlic, grated ginger, and a generous sprinkle of red pepper flakes and that stuff was da bomb.

Susie S

For the tofu marinade, used the suggested sesame oil plus soy sauce and added sriracha and Shaoxing cooking wine. Then used the leftovers of this mixture for the sauce, cutting back to 2 tbsp hoisin and adding juice from a tangerine. Served over soba, with scallions and peanuts, per suggestions. Quite delicious, filling and easy.


This was tasty and way too easy. Definite keeper. Just sent my daughter the recipe. Ours was done after only 20 minutes. I added extra tahini to the sauce because I thought it might be too sweet. Served with rice. Try this!


It was good but not among my top tofu dishes from NYT- perhaps my Hoisin was a sweeter one than others. Don't get me wrong - delicious and easy and I'll make again especially when I'm short on time. I'd probably add red pepper flakes to the sauce and find a livelier Hoisin.


The concept is great. I don't like the sauce; it seemed both too sweet and too harsh. On my second attempt I made a quick peanut sauce instead.


Very very nice. I followed the advice of reducing the Hoisin sauce. Added some ginger, Thai red curry and lime juice to the sauce. Served with roasted sweet potatoes and red onions. Delicious.


Made as the recipe said and it was really blah


Substituted Chinese sesame paste for the tahini. Absolutely delicious for very little effort.

David Geoffrion

This recipe was quick and delicious, once I figured out that total time was supposed to be 30 minutes. 15 mins at 450 and then swap the upper and lower pan position! Things get really crispy if you wait too long ;).I tried it again for Thanksgiving Friday and it turned out great.(half recipe works good for me). I'll be incorporating the helpful hints recommend by others below. Thanks.

The Miln

This one didn't work for me. In a 450F oven, the brussels sprouts were already starting to burn when I checked them at about 14 minutes. I took them out, and left the tofu in for another 10 minutes, and it was much drier than I would have liked. This oven that normally is very accurate as far as temps go, so I don't think that was the problem. If I try this again, which is doubtful, I would lower oven temp significantly and slice tofu closer to 3/4 inches. Sauce was good.


It was easy to make, but the sauce tasted exactly like pepperoni when on the tofu. I have no idea why. I would have liked the sauce to be cooked rather than just drizzled on at the end; maybe that would have tasted more like a coherent dish

Charlotte K

I would never have thought of combining tahini and hoisin for a sauce and now I'm pretty sure that will be part of my regular sauce vocabulary. Yum!

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Sheet-Pan Tofu and Brussels Sprouts With Hoisin-Tahini Sauce Recipe (2024)
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