The 30 BEST Dumpling Recipes (2024)

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Are you looking for a delicious recipe to add to your recipe collection? Look no further than these Dumpling Recipes!

Dumplings are versatile, surprisingly easy to make, and guaranteed to please even the pickiest eaters.

Whether you’re planning an Asian night with friends or a special family dinner, these sumptuous recipes will be sure to delight!

So don’t wait, dive right into this delightful selection of dumpling recipes today!

The 30 BEST Dumpling Recipes (1)

Dumpling Recipes:

1. Chicken Potstickers

Let’s start our list with Chicken Potstickers. They’re made with a mouth-watering garlicky, gingery chicken and mushroom filling, which makes these dumplings super tasty.

Serve hot with your favorite dipping sauce, and enjoy!

Get the Recipe @ damndelicious

2. Steamed Pork Buns (Baozi)

Make your beloved Steamed Pork Buns at home from scratch with the help of this amazing recipe.

It’s easy to make and you can easily customize the filling. Just follow some tips to make them perfect, and surprise everyone with these delicious Asian dumplings.

Get the Recipe @ thewoksoflife

3. Colorful Dumplings

Learn how to make beautifully Colorful Dumplings, using different kinds of veggies.

This recipe shows exactly how to make the rainbow-colored dough, and with your favorite filling these dumplings will be the star attraction of your dinner table.

Everyone will enjoy these cute dumplings for both their looks and their taste.

Get the Recipe @ epicurious

4. Sichuan Spicy Wonton

Sichuan Spicy Wonton is a popular street food from China, and it’s a breeze to make at home.

This fantastic recipe is made special with its delicious filling and super flavorful chili oil sauce. Combine your dumpling and sauce together, and serve these Sichuan wontons to win everyone’s heart and soul.

Get the Recipe @ redhousespice

5. Xiao Long Bao(Chinese Steamed Soup Dumplings)

Try making Chinese Steamed Soup Dumplings with this beginner level recipe, popularly known as Xiao Long Bao.

You really don’t need to be super skilled to make these dumplings, but practice makes everyone perfect. So give this dumpling a sure try and amaze everyone at home.

Get the Recipe @ chinasichuanfood

6. Gyoza (Japanese Potstickers)

Japanese favorite potstickers, Gyoza, make a great appetizer for your future get-togethers.

The pan-fried and steamed technique of cooking makes this dumpling a perfectly crispy on the bottom and softer on top. And the filling tastes totally stunning.

You will love this style of making dumplings for sure.

Get the Recipe @ justonecookbook

7. Shrimp Shumai

Give your basic dumpling a break, and make this Shrimp Shumai version of dim sum.

This Cantonese delicacy is super easy to make. It’s all about delicious shrimp filling and perfectly steamed dumplings that taste just divine.

Serve with your favorite dipping sauce, and enjoy…

Get the Recipe @ spoonforkbacon

8. Pan Fried Dumplings

This Pan Fried Dumplings recipe will be a total game changer for you. The awesome crispiness will get you hooked, and they taste as good or better than your favorite take-out place.

These homemade dumplings are easily freezable for a quick and tasty dinner later on.

Get the Recipe @ damndelicious

9. Money Bag Dumplings

Ok, now bring good luck to your home by making this very popular Chinese New Year delight, Money Bag Dumplings.

These cute little dumplings are made with pork and chive filling, but you can easily make your own choice of filling for these dumplings.

Get the Recipe @ bitingatthebits

10. Har Gow

Har Gow is a traditional Cantonese dish, which is also called Crystal Shrimp Dumplings.

These delicate dumplings are succulently juicy and totally addictive. You just need to follow the recipe to make these fantastic dumplings perfectly.

Get the Recipe @ redhousespice

11. Mandu (Korean Dumplings)

You will love this Korean version of Dumplings, famously called Mandu.

It’s made easily with store-bought dumpling wrappers and the savory filling of your choice. Make this homemade Mandu in large quantities and freeze it for future meals.

Get the Recipe @ koreanbapsang

12. Polish Potato Dumplings (Kopytka)

Guys, if you have some leftover mashed potatoes then you are in for a delicious Poland treat, called Kopytka.

These Polish Potato dumplings are made simply with mashed potatoes, eggs, and flour, then steamed to soft perfection.

Jazz them up with sautéed garlic, onions, bacon, and mushrooms to make a splendid dish.

Get the Recipe @ crunchycreamysweet

13. Khinkali (Georgian Soup Dumplings)

Khinkali is a popular Georgian Soup Dumpling that is a must-try for all dumping lovers.

This homemade dumpling is made from scratch, and the super flavorful stuffing is simply out-of-this-world delicious and juicy.

You will enjoy each and every bite of these hearty black pepper-dusted dumplings.

Get the Recipe @ eatmedrinkmeblog

14. Pierogi

Dumplings make great comfort food, and this classic Polish variation, called Pierogi, is comfort food at its best.

These dumplings are famous for their filling of potatoes and cheese, makes them special and truly delicious.

Get the Recipe @ therecipecrictic

15. Chicken and Dumplings

Chicken and Dumplings make the most satisfying meal.

The flavorful thick broth with chunks of chicken, veggies, aromatics, and homemade fluffy dumplings make this dish completely a winner.

It’s a great meal to have on colder nights.

Get the Recipe @ thekitchn

16. Crispy Deep Fried Dumplings

This famous Asian appetizer is made with amazing stuffing of chicken, veggies, and flavorful sauces.

Just deep fried to the golden brown and your best appetizer is ready to devour with your favorite dipping sauce.

Get the Recipe @ khinskitchen

17. German Potato Dumplings

This holiday season, try these German Potato Dumplings as a delicious starchy side dish that goes with any of the main dishes.

These classic flavorful ball dumplings are super easy to make and taste just too good.

Get the Recipe @ thewonderlustkitchen

18. Fried Ginger Beef Dumplings

Yet another delish recipe to include in your festive dinner is these Fried Ginger Beef Dumplings!

This excellent recipe is about a crispy fried dumpling wrapper and the tastiest gingery ground beef filling. It will be one of the most favorite snacks on your dinner table.

Get the Recipe @ eatchofood

19. Spicy Thai Basil Wontons

These Spicy Thai Basil Wontons are going to be your new go-to party appetizer, so get ready for rave reviews.

The savory, sweet, spicy, and garlicky flavors make the pork, chicken, and shrimp filling simply heavenly. So what are you waiting for?

Get the Recipe @ thatspicychick

20. Lamb Dumplings

Celebrate Chinese New Year with these incredible Lamb Dumplings.

These soupy dumplings are made with perfectly seasoned lamb, carrots and zucchini. Just follow some tips and tricks to make them perfect every time.

Get the Recipe @ omnivorescookbook

21. Crab & Pork Dumplings

Now, make this restaurant-worthy version of Crab and Pork Dumplings, and surprise your family with an unbelievable treat.

You will totally fall in love with these ultimate cute dumplings, which are easy to make it too.

It’s one of our favorite dumpling recipes.

Get the Recipe @ marionskitchen

22. Kimchi Dumplings

Do you like spicy food? Then try giving your favorite dumplings some spicy flavors by making these gorgeous Kimchi Dumplings!

You can steam, pan-fry, or deep fry these dumplings according to your mood, and they will taste delicious every time.

Get the Recipe @ rasamalaysia

23. Oyaki (Japanese Stuffed Dumplings)

These Japanese Stuffed Dumplings, called Oyaki, are the most unique dumplings, which you need to make at home.

This popular snack is made with a stuffing of sweet kabocha squash and miso-glazed eggplant. Give this dumpling a sure try.

Get the Recipe @ justonecookbook

24. Northern Chinese Beef Dumplings

Northern Chinese Beef Dumplings are simply mind-blowingly delicious, and are super easy to make.

The beefy goodness with flavorful chili oil makes this dish party-ready.

Get the Recipe @ marionskitchen

25. Manti

Manti are a very famous staple food in central Asia and Russia.

This version is made with a pumpkin and ground beef filling that is completely brimming with delicious flavors and juices. We bet you will like this style of streamed dumplings.

Get the Recipe @ petersfoodadventures

26. Chinese Mushroom Dumplings

For all the veggie crowd out there, this Chinese Mushroom Dumpling is one of the best treats you will ever have.

This pan-fried goodness is made with a filling of flavorful caramelized mushroom, ginger, and sesame seeds. Make it more classy with some sweet chili ginger sesame sauce for the ultimate experience.

Get the Recipe @ halfbakedharvest

27. Rice Paper Dumplings

Make these Tik Tok influenced Rice Paper Dumplings, which are effortless and super fun to make.

Crispy on the outside and chewy inside, these dumplings are filled with assorted shredded veggies, ginger, and garlic. Serve at any of your events and see them disappear in no time.

Get the Recipe @ I heartumami

28. Vegetable Potstickers

This amazing Vegetable Potsticker recipe shows how to make perfect homemade dough for wrapping, and the delicious veggie filling makes this potsticker extra delicious.

Pan-fry them to a crispy golden bottom, and enjoy your hearty snack anytime.

Get the Recipe @ thefoodietakesflight

29. Sesame Chicken Dumplings in Spicy Broth with Garlic Crisps

Guys, looking for restaurant-worthy dumplings for your next events? These Seasame Chicken Dumplings in Spicy Broth with Garlic Crisps are exactly what you need.

The unique and delicious flavor combo with fancy ingredients makes these dumplings super addictive. It’s a sensational dish that needs to be celebrated.

Get the Recipe @ halfbakedharvest

30. Shish Barak

Let’s end these terrific dumpling recipes with an Arabic classic, Shish Barak.

This Middle Eastern dumpling is loaded with delicious meat stuffing, and then cooked in a super flavorful yogurt-based sauce for extra flavors.

It will definitely be a crave-worthy dish, which you will make again and again.

Get the Recipe @ fufuskitchen

So there you go, thirty great dumpling recipes. The only question now is, which to try first?

Pin or bookmark this collection of great dishes so you always know where to find it. And be sure to subscribe to GypsyPlate, we’re always cooking up new recipes!

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The 30 BEST Dumpling Recipes (2)

30 BEST Dumpling Recipes

This collection of easy and delicious Dumpling Recipes includes thirty variations of the beloved Asian appetizers.


  • dumpling wrappers
  • your preferred filling


  1. pick a recipe that looks good
  2. gather ingredients
  3. make your new favorite dumpling recipe!

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The 30 BEST Dumpling Recipes (3)

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    Now, let's delve into the concepts and elements mentioned in the provided article on dumpling recipes:

    1. Dumpling Types:

      • Chicken Potstickers: These feature a garlicky, gingery chicken and mushroom filling.
      • Steamed Pork Buns (Baozi): A recipe for making steamed buns with customizable fillings.
      • Colorful Dumplings: Dumplings with rainbow-colored dough, using various veggies for a vibrant appearance.
      • Sichuan Spicy Wonton: A Chinese street food recipe with a flavorful filling and chili oil sauce.
      • Xiao Long Bao (Chinese Steamed Soup Dumplings): Chinese soup dumplings with a beginner-friendly recipe.
      • Gyoza (Japanese Potstickers): Japanese potstickers featuring a pan-fried and steamed cooking technique.
      • Shrimp Shumai: A Cantonese delicacy with a simple and delicious shrimp filling.
      • Pan Fried Dumplings: Homemade dumplings with a crispy texture, suitable for freezing.
      • Money Bag Dumplings: Chinese New Year dumplings with a pork and chive filling.
      • Har Gow: Traditional Cantonese Crystal Shrimp Dumplings with succulent and juicy filling.
      • Mandu (Korean Dumplings): Korean dumplings made with store-bought wrappers and a savory filling.
      • Polish Potato Dumplings (Kopytka): A Polish treat made from mashed potatoes, eggs, and flour.
      • Khinkali (Georgian Soup Dumplings): Georgian soup dumplings with a homemade recipe.
      • Pierogi: Classic Polish dumplings filled with potatoes and cheese.
      • Chicken and Dumplings: A satisfying meal with a thick broth, chicken chunks, and fluffy homemade dumplings.
      • Crispy Deep Fried Dumplings: An Asian appetizer with a crispy fried wrapper and flavorful stuffing.
      • German Potato Dumplings: Classic ball dumplings served as a starchy side dish.
      • Fried Ginger Beef Dumplings: Dumplings with a crispy fried wrapper and a gingery ground beef filling.
      • Spicy Thai Basil Wontons: Wontons with a spicy, sweet, and garlicky pork, chicken, and shrimp filling.
      • Lamb Dumplings: Soupy dumplings with seasoned lamb, carrots, and zucchini.
      • Crab & Pork Dumplings: Restaurant-worthy dumplings with crab and pork filling.
      • Kimchi Dumplings: Dumplings with a spicy kimchi filling, suitable for steaming, pan-frying, or deep-frying.
      • Oyaki (Japanese Stuffed Dumplings): Japanese dumplings with a stuffing of sweet kabocha squash and miso-glazed eggplant.
      • Northern Chinese Beef Dumplings: Beefy dumplings with flavorful chili oil, perfect for parties.
      • Manti: Central Asian and Russian dumplings with a pumpkin and ground beef filling.
      • Chinese Mushroom Dumplings: Pan-fried dumplings with a filling of caramelized mushrooms, ginger, and sesame seeds.
      • Rice Paper Dumplings: TikTok-inspired dumplings with assorted shredded veggies, ginger, and garlic.
      • Vegetable Potstickers: Potstickers with a homemade dough and a delicious veggie filling.
      • Sesame Chicken Dumplings in Spicy Broth with Garlic Crisps: Restaurant-worthy dumplings with a unique flavor combo.
      • Shish Barak: Middle Eastern dumplings with a meat stuffing, cooked in a flavorful yogurt-based sauce.
    2. Recipe Instructions:

      • The article provides a concise set of instructions for making dumplings:
        • **"Pick a recipe that looks good."
        • "Gather ingredients."
        • "Make your new favorite dumpling recipe!"**
    3. Ingredients:

      • The generic set of ingredients mentioned is:
        • Dumpling wrappers
        • Your preferred filling

    In conclusion, the article offers a comprehensive collection of 30 dumpling recipes, spanning various cuisines and cooking techniques, catering to both traditional and innovative tastes. The provided instructions and ingredients encourage readers to explore and experiment with these delightful dumpling recipes.

    The 30 BEST Dumpling Recipes (2024)
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