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Do you want a chance to trade without risking all of your own capital? Then a “prop firm” might be for you. Let’s take a closer look at how prop firm trading works and why you should become a prop firm trader.

What Is a Prop Trading Firm?

Let’s start with the basics – what, exactly, is a prop firm?

Put simply, a prop firm is a type of financial institution. You might also see them referred to as “proprietary trading firms” but they’re the same thing.

They’re run by experienced traders who use the firm’s capital to trade, buy, and sell assets including:

  • Foreign Exchange Trading (Forex)
  • Commodities
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Stocks

Working for a prop firm essentially means you’re using your own skills to trade for the firm. You’ll gain access to a variety of markets and trading tools, and you’re responsible for your own trading.

How Do Prop Trading Firms Work?

Now we’re clear on what a prop trading firm is, let’s consider how they actually work.

  • If you’re accepted into a trading firm, you can start trading right away.
  • As a full-time funded trader, you’ll look for profitable opportunities. The goal is to maximize your trading activity and, of course, generate profits.
  • You’ll follow certain risk management guidelines to help maximize your chances.
  • The firm covers your losses, so you’re not risking your own capital.
  • You gain access to the firm’s capital and receive a percentage of the profits instead of in exchange for a percentage.

Are you relatively new to trading? Unsure how to access a new market? Don’t worry – prop trading firms also offer mentoring and training to help you succeed. After all, the goal is to work together to make profits!

Think of a prop firm as a valuable partner in your trading journey. It can help you take your trading skills to a new level.

What Is a Prop Firm Account?

Your funded prop firm account is the key to your journey to profitability. You will have access to all the trading tools needed to succeed, allowing you to make the smart financial decisions you need to generate maximum profits.

Although you’re working with a prop firm, this is your account. It’s your profits. And although you share the profits, you’re still in control of your own trading journey.

Who Can Open a Prop Firm Account?

This is where it gets interesting.

Technically, anyone can open a prop firm account (with an exception of certain restricted countries). However, you need to be vetted and accepted by the firm before you can trade for them.

  • Every prop firm has its own acceptance criteria.
  • You’ll normally be required to pass some sort of assessment. The aim is to prove that you have the skills and experience to become a successful funded trader.
  • You can verify your identity upon acceptance. Once you complete the thorough process and meet regulatory requirements, you’re good to go.

At Maven Trading, we believe in making prop firms accessible to everyone with the talent to succeed. Our Challenge Account starts at just $45!

Can You Make a Living Trading Through Prop Firms?

Sure! Ultimately, you’re responsible for your own success. Prop firms give you the tools and the capital, but it’s on you to find the right opportunities. So, just as you can make a living as a trader, you can make a living through prop firms.

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Just remember, all trading carries some risk. You might not be risking your own capital, but prop firm trading isn’t for everyone. Don’t rush your decision to join – instead, consider the pros and cons below.

Prop Firm Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • Access to capital: Prop firms give you access to much greater capital than you may have otherwise.
  • Support and training: Whether you’re relatively new or highly seasoned, everyone needs help. Prop firms provide traders with the 24/7 support and mentoring they need to thrive. You can learn about trading as you go.
  • Risk management: Prop firms take risk management seriously. You’ll learn how to mitigate risks and how to identify opportunities.
  • Tech insights: You’ll have access to various trading platforms and analytics tools. These are tools you might not have if you’re trading alone.

The Cons

  • Profit sharing: The profit split does mean that you’re not getting everything you earn. You do need to pay some of the profits to the firm in exchange for capital access, so we can call benefit together.
  • Time involved: Being a full-time funded trader is not easy. You need to be sure you have the time, passion, and drive to work with a prop firm.
  • Firm rules: Every firm has different trading rules. If you choose the wrong prop firm, then you might feel like your trading strategies are restricted.
  • The responsibility: Not every trader feels comfortable working with a firm’s capital. If you prefer working with your own money, prop firms might not be for you.

Joining a Prop Firm

It’s simple to join a prop firm, but here’s what to consider before you do.

  • Find one that meets your personality. Make sure you find a prop firm that aligns with your personality so you can properly communicate expectations.
  • Do your research. Read about different prop firms before you commit to the application process.
  • Ask questions before you sign up. If the rules aren’t clear, get clarification so you know what to expect.
  • Think about your goals. Make sure your trading strategies align with the firm’s own objectives.
  • Ensure that you fully understand the terms and conditions e.g. how to make withdrawals and trading limits. Follow the trading rules and regulations to pick the firm that’s best for you. Be sure that the terms aren’t too restrictive for your own trading needs.

Make a Profit with Maven Trading

Are you ready to join Maven Trading? We want to hear from you! If you’re a trader looking for a new opportunity, we’re waiting to work with you. Check out our trading rules, learn more about how we work, or contact us if you need help.


What Is a Prop Firm? | Maven Trading (2024)
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