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posted by Christy Denneyon Dec 30, 2011 (updated Apr 29, 2019) 17 comments »

I have a lot of favorite but these were the recipes that you guys kept coming back to in 2011. I have to say…you all have good taste!

#1 Favorite: Ham and Cheese Sliders

I’m a little surprised that these were the overall favorite from 2011. Not that they aren’t good but they are actually from 2010 and they didn’t involve peanut butter or chocolate which is always popular. Pinterest revived some interest in them and they are still one of my favorites that satisfy the kids and adults as well.

#2 Favorite: S’mores Cookies

Cookie dough, graham crackers, and marshmallows…these were a hit with my friends and a hit with you guys. Perfect for a summer barbecue or New Year’s Eve bash.

#3 Favorite: Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars

After increasing the cheesecake layer so that the crust to cheesecake ratio satisfied me, these are perfection in my eyes. Although these are also from 2010, I’ve made them several times this year and always get asked for the recipe.

Favorite #4: Peanut Butter “Cheese” Ball

You guys must love peanut butter and chocolate as much as I do to make this your #4 favorite. I mean you have to be serious about your peanut butter and chocolate love to indulge in this and I did – I think I ate the whole thing by myself. This was the only thing to finally fulfill my peanut butter pregnancy craving.

Favorite #5: Bloomin’ Onion Bread

I haven’t met many carbs that I haven’t liked, but some I like more than others. This appetizer is visually appealing and HELLO, cheese and bread…yes, please.

Favorite #6: Caramel Apple Cupcakes

These cupcakes screamed fall and they blew up on Pinterest. Who knew so much goodness could come from a cake mix.

Favorite #7: Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars

These were from a post way back in 2009 which explains why the photo is not that great. I first had these at a “chocolate party” at my friend Greta’s house and had to have the recipe.

Favorite #8: Overnight French Toast Casserole

Sometimes simple is good, that’s why I like this french toast casserole with it’s classic flavor. And since I’m not a morning person the night before prep is justwhat I need.

Favorite #9: Fruit Salsa

This was a summertime favorite, another one from 2010. This is always a hit at baby showers and get togethers.

Favorite #10: Cheddar Bay Biscuits

You guys like those Red Lobster biscuits as much as I do. I love these when I don’t want to deal with yeast. They are cheesy, savory, and super easy.

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originally published on Dec 30, 2011 (last updated Apr 29, 2019)

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17 comments on “Your Favorite Top Ten Recipes of 2011”

  1. Ecash Reply

    Great Recipes Ever !

  2. Janet Reply

    I just featured this post today, you share the best recipes, thanks! 🙂

  3. Erin Reply

    I cannot believe I have not made those smores cookies yet, or the pb cheeseball!

  4. Jill Reply

    Love your blog and all the great recipes – I’ve been following you for a few weeks via – found you on Pinterest – what an addiction that is!!!!

  5. Elisha Reply

    Hey Christy! Thanks for the 10 top, I’ve made a few of them and going to try tihe s’mores cookies tonight! Let me know how your trifle turned out for Christmas! I’m curious what ou thought of it. OK, so congrats on baby Gracie! I didn’t realize you had had her! She is beautiful! I still haven’t been able to log onto your blog. I think you may have sent the invite to my old e-mail, which I don’t have anymore. So if you have room, I’d still love an invite! Thanks, happy new year!

  6. Colleen Sullivan Reply

    All of this looks so good! I’ve pinned a few of your recipes and I actually made the peanut butter ball earlier this year for co-workers. Thank you for sharing your finds and ideas!! Your blog is one I visit often for new ideas!

  7. Dining Alone Reply

    Thanks for the recap since I am new to your blog, those sliders do look delicious.

  8. Bench Family Reply

    How did I miss so many of these recipes throughout the year!?! They are definitely going on my to-do list!

  9. RecipeGirl Reply

    They all look good, but I’m especially intrigued w/ the blooming onion bread. Perfect for Super Bowl! Happy New Year!

  10. Lauren at Keep It Sweet Reply

    And I’ll take one of everything:-)

  11. gianna Reply

    My new new year’s resolution is to make the top 10 favorite recipes from 2011. Does that make any sense?

  12. Cupcake Crazy Gem Reply

    YUM! I made the s’mores cookies and will definitely have to try the peanut chocolate ones that feature, can’t wait to see what you bake in 2012!

  13. Jennifer Reply

    I made the ham & cheese sliders! Twice now! They were fantastic!! I also plan on making the bloomin onion bread. I’ve got it Pinned! Please continue to give us your amazing recipes! Happy New Year!
    Scissors & Spatulas

  14. Jane Reply

    I tried the Ham and Cheese Sliders and the Caramel Apple Cheesecake. They were both HUGE hits. I love to make desserts and the Apple cheesecake moved to my families top five favorites. Can’t wait to try the other recipes. I know they won’t disappoint me.

  15. Chels Reply

    I’m drooling right now!

  16. Rachel Reply

    Mmmmmm, you’ve got my stomach growling! I think I saw all of those on pinterest before I ever actually visited your blog . . . you’re like a pinterest celebrity 😉 I can’t wait to try out the Red Lobster biscuits–delicious!

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